Over the past week, things have been extremely confusing regarding activity. Everyone’s been busy, and many people have been unable to get online for one reason or another. So many players asked for excused absences that I lost track completely and decided to just let things go activity-wise for the rest of the week. However, that changes here and now- which brings me to Knights’ second official activity check

This activity check is to see who’s still here and who’s really gone inactive. All active players, please like this post sometime over the next 24 hours (I’ll be posting periodic reminders on the main and in the OOC blog) to show that you’re still here and interested in remaining a member of this RPG. Any player who does not like this post within the next day will have their role reopened. 

However, since there are still a few people who had asked for excused absences over today and tomorrow, I will not penalize anyone who messages me after their role is reopened and asks to rejoin. Just know that unless you have an excused absence, the three-day activity rule is now reinstated despite having done away with it over the past week due to my own confusion regarding who’s here and who’s not. 

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KNIGHTS COLLEGE is an AU Glee Triplets roleplay established on December 31, 2012, revamped in August 2013, and officially closed on October 21, 2013.

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